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Howard Stern

Just as ruined the Internet, Howard Stern ruined the radio. It can of course be argued that these are things meant to be ruined. And what can bring more joy than a man having sex with a realdoll broadcast live nationwide? One sore spot: we're still waiting for the King of All Media's production of Fartman.


12 Jan 1954 Howard Stern born, Jackson Heights NY.
1976 B.A., Communications, Boston University. Magna cum laude. GPA 3.8
4 Jun 1978 Marries social worker Alison Berns.
1993 Publishes autobiography, Private Parts.
4 Aug 1994 Howard Stern withdraws his Libertarian candidacy for governor of New York, ostensibly to avoid complying with the financial disclosure laws: "I spend 25 hours a week telling you the most intimate details of my life. If you want to know how much money I make, screw you. I am never going to tell you how much money I make."
1995 Number 1 worst dress male, in Mr. Blackwell's infamous list.
1996 Publishes second autobiography, Miss America.
25 Apr 1996 Divine Brown appears on Howard Stern.
28 Apr 1997 Howard Stern surfs on his radio show.
2 Sep 1997 On his radio show, Howard Stern declares: "I've been picking on the French people for 15 years. I don't like French people. I felt that during World War II, France betrayed us. I believe that what they did was the most cowardly act. That when the Nazis marched into France, the French bent over... When I was over in France recently, Americans are looked at as dirt, as filth. We are the people that liberated them during WWII. They would be Nazis, they would be under the Nazi regime right now. They should only be kissing our asses, singing our praises."
8 May 1999 Dana Plato appears on Stern's show denying any recent drug use. The next day, she dies of an overdose.
23 Oct 1999 Howard Stern and wife separate.
2000 Forbes Power List, #30.
2001 Howard Stern and wife divorce.
24 Sep 2002 Porn actress Mary Carey submits to an IQ test on the Howard Stern show. Mary flunks, and is forced to clean Howard's toilet bowl with her hair.
12 Dec 2002 Porn actress Mary Carey submits to another IQ test on the Howard Stern show. Mary flunks, and is again forced to clean Howard's toilet bowl with her hair.
25 Feb 2004 Clear Channel Communications, a huge media conglomerate, takes Howard Stern off all 6 of its radio stations that carry his show (Fort Lauderdale, FL; Orlando, FL; Rochester, NY; San Diego, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Louisville, KY) due to alleged indecency. The allegedy indecent incident occured when a caller asked guest Richard Salomon, former boyfriend of Paris Hilton, if he had ever had sex with a famous black woman, using the "N" word. Other questions prompted by Stern regarded tapes of anal sex.
6 Oct 2004 Howard announces he is moving his show to Sirius Satellite Radio.
16 Dec 2005 The Howard Stern Show signs off from terrestrial radio.
9 Jan 2006 Howard's satellite radio show begins.

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