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Axis Sally

Mildred Gillars was born in Maine on November 29, 1900. She grew up in Ohio and attended university there. Gillars wanted to become an actress, so she went to New York and worked odd jobs.

She traveled to France with her mother in 1929 and spent six months studying music. She moved to France in 1933, and then Germany in 1935. Gillars became an English teacher for Berlitz.

She was hired as voice talent by Radio Berlin. Reichsrundfunk Overseas Service.

Wound up in the same federal prison as Iva Toguri.

"Damn all Jews who made this war possible. I love America, but I do not love Roosevelt and all his kike boyfriends."

"It's a disgrace to the American public that they don't wake to the fact of what Franklin D. Roosevelt is doing to the Gentiles of your country and my country."

See also World War II.

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