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Andrew Sullivan

  • Conservative gay columnist and moralizer, despite his claims to the contrary.
  • Barebacker (has sex with HIV+ men without using condoms)


10 Aug 1963 Andrew Sullivan born, South Godstone, England.
1986 Masters, Public Administration, Harvard
Oct 1991 Appointed editor, The New Republic.
1993 Tests HIV+
1996 Andrew Sullivan's "When Plagues End" runs in the New York Times Magazine, declaring the end of of the AIDS pandemic. "It's over. Believe me. It's over."
Oct 2000 Starts a weblog.
9 May 2001 An anonymous post on that journalist Andrew Sullivan had cruised AOL chatrooms under the screen name "HardnSolidDC" and placed an explicit personal ad on under the account "RAWMUSLGLUTES".
30 May 2001 On his website, Andrew Sullivan complains: "This is what journalism now is... gay men now need to know: the Internet is not a safe space. A poisonous segment of the gay activist world is policing it for any deviators from the party line."
31 May 2001 "No-one's legal, consensual, adult private life should be plundered and exposed for political purposes." [True, unless it exposes one's hypocrisy.] Regarding the risk of HIV superinfection: "I am aware of this theory and the slim reed of research it is based upon. I have discussed the issue with my doctors... but to me, the evidence seems weak and hypothetical."
4 Jul 2002 Monthly income from his blog: $6,000. Economist.
11 May 2002 On his website, Andrew Sullivan complains: "Some editors can take revenge and cut you off. Most of the time, people in big media, being journalists, don't mind criticism, especially from a piddling one-man blog. But others take offense, and you get canned. In my case, I have been barred indefinitely from writing any more for the New York Times Magazine. Although I have long had a fantastic relationship with the editors there, and have written some of my best journalism for them, their boss, Howell Raines, has sent down a ruling. My presence in the Times, I'm told, makes him 'uncomfortable,' and I am off limits for the indefinite future."

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