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Suge Knight

CEO, Death Row Records


19 Apr 1965 Marion "Suge" Knight born, Compton, CA.
1994 Convicted of robbery and assault.
7 Sep 1996 Suge Knight is wounded in the drive-by shooting attack that ends with the death of Tupac Shakur.
7 Jun 2001 An article in Rolling Stone links Knight to the death of artist Notorious B.I.G., as well as the Los Angeles Ramparts police scandal.
Aug 2001 Released from prison after serving half of his jail sentence.
23 Dec 2002 Arrested for violating terms of his parole barring him from associating with gang members. Knight had moved to Malibu and allegedly hired drivers and bodyguards without informing authorities. He spends 61 days in prison before all but one of the five allegations against him are dropped.
21 Jun 2003 Arrested for punching a parking lot attendant outside a Los Angeles nightclub, a second parole violation.

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