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R Kelly


8 Jan 1969 Born as Robert Kelly, Chicago IL.
16 Jan 1979 Aaliyah Dana Haughton born, Brooklyn.
24 May 1994 Produces Aaliyah's first album, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number.
31 Aug 1994 Aaliyah and R Kelly secretly married at the Sheraton Gateway Suites, Rosemont, IL. Aaliyah never admitted being married, though Vibe published a copy of the marriage certificate. Unfortunately, she was only 15 at the time, so thus the marriage was later annulled.
25 Aug 2001 Aaliyah and eight others killed in a plane crash, Abaco Island, Bahamas.
29 Apr 2002 Patrice Jones, age 20, files suit against R. Kelly for alleged statutory rape (which allegedly occurred when she was allegedly 16) and for forcing her to have an abortion. The pair allegedly bumped uglies for nine months.
24 May 2002 R. Kelly arrested after indictment on 21 counts of child pornography, concerning a videotape showing him fucking a fourteen year old girl.
5 Jun 2002 Montina "Tina" Woods, age 33, files suit against R. Kelly, claiming invasion of privacy after the singer allegedly recorded their fucking on secret videotape. She seeks only $50,000, even though this alleged videotape is everywhere.
22 Jan 2003 R. Kelly arrested on charges of child pornography again, after a search of his rented apartment turns up digital pictures of him (allegedly) fucking an underage girl. Is it the same underage girl as before?

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