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Puff Daddy

aka Sean Combs

"I feel safe in white because, deep down inside, I'm an angel."


4 Nov 1969 Sean John Combs born, Harlem NY.
1973 Father, Melvin Combs, murdered.
1994 Sean, Justin Combs, born to Misa Hylton.
1997 Son, Christian Casey Combs, born to Kim Porter.
9 Mar 1997 Best friend Biggie Smalls murdered in a drive-by.
1998 Begins dating Jennifer Lopez.
27 Nov 1999 Sean Combs and two other gentlemen arrested after fleeing a shooting at Club NY (43rd and 8th, Manhattan), for criminal possession of a firearm. A fourth individual, singer Jennifer Lopez, is detained but not arrested. None of the four were actually involved in the shooting.
22 Aug 2002 Bouncer at Combs' nightclub Justin allegedly throws Stephanie Gleason to the ground. She sues Combs for $5M.

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