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Gary Glitter

Rock and Roll Part II is perhaps the greatest instrumental rock anthem ever written.


8 May 1944 Paul Francis Gadd born, Banbury, Oxfordshire England.
1963 Marries.
1971 Adopts the moniker Gary Glitter. Rejected names: Terry Tinsel, Stan Sparkle, Vicky Vomit. No, we are not making this up.
3 Mar 1972 Rock'n'Roll released (parts one and two.)
Aug 1986 Two items Gary would want with him if he were stranded on a desert island: blow-up doll, puncture repair kit.
1997 Takes his computer in for servicing; child pornography found.
9 Nov 1999 Gary Glitter trial begins. Found not guilty of sexual assault on an underage girl (back from 1975), but pleads guilty to 54 charges of downloading child porn, serves four month prison sentence. It turns out the girl, now revealed as Allison Brown, was to be paid UKP 25,000 by the News of the World tabloid if Glitter was found guilty. The judge thought this reprehensible.
11 Jan 2000 Gary Glitter released from prison, required to register as a sex offender.
2002 Living in Cambodia. Deportation threatened.

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