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Donnie Wahlberg


17 Aug 1969 Donald Edmund Wahlberg born, Dorchester MA.
1982 Father, also named Donald, abandons family.
1986 Joins boy band New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) as the "bad boy."
24 Jun 1990 Donnie Walhberg falls through a stage's trap door, nine feet to the ground. Hospitalized for two days, Sarasota Springs NY.
1991 NKOTB is the highest-paid entertainment act in America.
27 Mar 1991 Sets fire to a hotel carpet in Louisville KY using a bottle of vodka, and is subsequently arrested on an arson charge. Plea bargains the charge down to criminal mischief, ordered to perform fire safety and anti-drug abuse promos.
4 Mar 1993 Son, Xavier Alexander, born out of wedlock to future wife Kim Fey.
1994 NKOTB sinks into obscurity, never to return.
20 Aug 1999 Marries Kim Fey.
20 Aug 2001 Son, Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg, born.

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