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David Crosby


14 Aug 1941 David Van Cortland born, Los Angeles CA. Son of cinematographer Floyd Crosby.
Nov 1963 Founding member, The Byrds.
Oct 1967 David Crosby is fired from The Byrds.
1968 Crosby, Stills and Nash.
28 Mar 1982 David Crosby arrested for quaalude possession, driving under the influence of cocaine, and carrying a concealed .45 pistol.
Dec 1985 Sentenced to Texas State Prison in Huntsville for possession of cocaine and weapons violations.
Aug 1986 Released from prison.
1988 Autobiography, Long Time Gone.
20 Nov 1994 David Crosby receives a liver transplant at Dumont-UCLA Liver Transplant Center in Los Angeles. Crosby's liver was deteriorated from extensive alcohol and drug abuse, as well as hepatitis-C. But he only had to wait 18 days for the transplant, whereas the average wait in 1994 was 142 days.
Feb 1995 Meets 30-year-old son, James Raymond, for the first time.
9 May 1995 Son, Django Crosby, born. Weight 7 pounds.
16 May 1997 Marries record producer Jan Dance.
1998 VH1 Behind the Music: David Crosby.
10 Jan 2000 Lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge announces that David Crosby is the sperm donor of her two children with girlfriend Julie Cypher. Etheridge and Cypher are now separated.

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