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Zsa Zsa Gabor


  • Policy statement: "A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished."
  • Eventually age does catch up with plastic surgery, despite the genius of Steven Hoefflin.
  • Ranks high among the Frequently married celebrities.


6 Feb 1917 Zsa Zsa Gabor born, Budapest Hungary. Though some sources say 1918, 1919, or 1920.
1936 Elected Miss Hungary.
1936 Marries 1st husband, Burhan Belge, Turkish diplomat. Lasts until 1941.
1941 Emigrates to the United States.
10 Apr 1942 Marries 2nd husband, Conrad Nicholson Hilton. Lasts until 1947.
1 Apr 1949 Marries 3rd husband, George Sanders. Lasts until 1954 or 1957.
9 Nov 1964 Marries 4th husband, Herbert Hunter. Lasts until 1966.
1966 Marries 5th husband, Joshua S. Cosden, Jr. Lasts until 1967.
7 Mar 1968 Plays villain Minerva in Batman TV show, episode #3.25 and also later episode #3.26 one week later.
21 Jan 1975 Marries 6th husband, Jack Ryan. Lasts until 1976.
1977 Marries 7th husband, Michael O'Hara. Lasts until 1982.
14 Aug 1986 Marries 8th husband, Frederick Prinz von Anhalt, who is not actually a prince nor from Anhalt.
14 Jun 1989 Zsa Zsa Gabor is arrested for slapping a Beverly Hills police officer and driving with an expired license. Afterwards Zsa Zsa complains to the press that the handling she received from the BHPD "was like Nazi Germany." Ultimately, Gabor is convicted and sentenced to 72 hours in jail.
15 Sep 1989 David Letterman's Top 10 Rules of the Miss America Pageant, number 3: No Gabors.
29 Sep 1989 Zsa Zsa Gabor, a person famous for no apparent reason and with no visible means of support, is convicted of slapping a Beverly Hills police officer. Gabor later complains that she was denied a jury of her peers, saying "It was not my class of people, There was not a producer, a press agent, a director, an actor."
4 Jul 1995 Sister, Eva Gabor, dies, Los Angeles CA.
23 Aug 1996 A Very Brady Sequel.
28 Nov 2002 A traffic accident leaves Zsa Zsa in a temporary coma (so says the Sheriff) but Zsa Zsa's daughter stated, "She was never in a coma. She's going to be just fine, she has a broken arm, she may have hit her head a little bit." Gabor's hairdresser was at the wheel.
Jan 2003 Zsa Zsa discharged from hospital, recovered enough from her accident.

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