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Tim Allen

aka Timothy Allen Dick

Star of the ABC television sitcom Home Improvement.


13 Jun 1953 Born Timothy Allen Dick, Denver CO.
1964 Father, Gerald Dick, killed after struck by a drunk driver.
2 Oct 1978 Tim Allen is arrested with 1.4 pounds of cocaine at Kalamazoo Airport in Michigan. After testifying against his partner, Allen serves only 2.5 years for felony drug possession. Otherwise, it would have been a life sentence. Tim later becomes a comic, ultimately landing the starring role in the ABC television sitcom Home Improvement.
26 Nov 1979 Tim Allen pleads no contest to the drug charge and receives 3-7 years. He ultimately serves 28 months in the Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution.
7 Apr 1984 Marries landscape designer Laura Deibel, whom Tim met in college.
1995 Voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Disney animated film Toy Story.
1996 Estimated earnings, $66M. Forbes
24 May 1997 Tim Allen is arrested in Bloomfield Township, Michigan for drunk driving. Allen was doing 70 mph in a 40 zone in his 1988 Ferrari. Testing indicates a 0.15 blood alcohol level. Note that Tim's father was killed by a drunk driver.
22 Sep 1997 On the Tonight Show, Jay Leno suggests musician Elton John star on a sitcom. John turns to fellow guest Tim Allen and suggests "I could do Homo Improvement with you."
16 Apr 1998 Tim Allen enters a drug rehab program in Malibu, California at the private facility Promises.
17 Nov 1999 Allen's wife files for separation, citing irreconcilable differences.

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