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Kiefer Sutherland


18 Dec 1966 Kiefer Sutherland born to actress Shirley Douglas and actor Donald Sutherland, London.
1969 Mother, Shirley Douglas, arrested in Los Angeles for conspiracy to possess unregistered explosives, after she allegedly attempted to purchase hand grenades for the Black Panthers. Spends five days in jail, and claims that the FBI was trying to frame her.
1970 Parents divorce. Kiefer lives with his subversive radical mother, Shirley Douglas.
31 Jul 1987 Plays a vampire in The Lost Boys.
28 Aug 1992 Plays an FBI agent in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
6 Nov 2001 24 debuts on Fox, starring Kiefer Sutherland as agent Jack Bauer.
Dec 2001 Interrupts a mugging perpetrated by The Lonely Island.
29 Dec 2005 After seven hours of staggering around London's Palace Hotel drunk as a lord, Kiefer Sutherland loses control at the sight of the hotel's 12-foot Christmas tree. As reported in the Sunday Mirror:

"I hate that fucking Christmas tree," he declared. "The tree HAS to come down."

Kiefer warned staff: "I'm smashing it—can I pay for it?"

A staff member replied: "I'm absolutely sure you can, sir."

The Lost Boys star—famously ditched by Julia Roberts five days before their wedding in 1991—then hurled himself into the Norwegian Spruce, sending baubles and lights crashing to the ground. Pulling pine needles out of his hair and t-shirt, he said to a hotel employee: "Ooh, sorry about that... You're so cool. This fucking hotel rocks."

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