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Jane Fonda

Traveled to Vietnam during the Vietnam War and visited the North Vietnamese.

One of many celebrity supporters of the Reverend Jim Jones and the People's Temple.


21 Dec 1937 Jane Seymour Fonda born.
14 Apr 1950 Mother Frances Seymour Brokaw commits suicide in a mental institution.
1962 "Miss Army Recruiting"
1965 Marries Roger Vadim.
1968 Daughter Vanessa born.
1971 Founds Fuck the Army with Donald Sutherland.
13 Jun 1971 Jane Fonda does not attend the Register for Peace Rally at Mineola, New York, despite a doctored photograph which surfaces 33 years later, depicting her and John Kerry sharing a microphone.
Jul 1972 First trip to Vietnam, two weeks duration.
22 Aug 1972 Radio Hanoi broadcast.
Sep 1972 Donahue taping in Dayton, OH.
1974 Second trip to Vietnam.
23 Sep 1979 Meet the Press
26 Sep 1979 National Press Club
17 Jun 1988 20/20

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