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Jack Nicholson

"He's into fun and games in bed, all the really horny things I get off on, like spankings, handcuffs, whips and Polaroid pictures... His idea of being sexy is dressing in blue satin boxer shorts and fluorescent orange socks and chasing me around the room with a Ping-Pong paddle."

-- Girlfriend Karen Mayo-Chandler

"The most highly sexed individual I have ever met."

-- Kim Basinger


22 Apr 1937 John Joseph Nicholson born, Neptune NJ.
1954 Manasquan High School, Manasquan, NJ.
1961 Marries Sandra Knight.
1964 Daughter, Jennifer Nicholson born.
1966 Divorces Sandra Knight.
1969 Film Easy Rider released.
26 Sep 1970 Illegitimate son, Caleb, born to Susan Anspach.
1973 Begins dating actress Anjelica Huston, which lasts 17 years.
12 Aug 1974 Learns from a Time magazine reporter that his "sister" June is really his mother.
1974 Film Chinatown released.
1975 Film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest released. Oscar for Best Actor.
10 Mar 1977 Roman Polanski gives a thirteen-year old girl Quaaludes and has sex with her during a photo shoot at Jack Nicholson's home. He later flees the country to avoid statutory rape charges.
1980 Film The Shining released.
1990 Relationship with Anjelica Huston ends after it is discovered that Rebecca Broussard is pregnant.
16 Apr 1990 Daughter Lorraine Broussard born, to Rebecca Broussard.
20 Feb 1992 Son, Raymond Broussard born, to Rebecca Broussard.
25 Dec 1992 Film Hoffa starring Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito.
1994 During a traffic dispute, takes a golf club and smashes a man's windshield.
1995 Receives an award from Los Angeles Police Historical Society for "significant contributions to the Los Angeles Police Department."
1999 Begins dating young actress Lara Flynn Boyle, until 2001.
8 Jul 1999 Jack Nicholson's Mercedes involved in a collision in the Hollywood Hills. Lara Flynn Boyle is a passenger, but she is supposedly dating David Spade at the time.
Dec 2002 "Our delight turned to shock when we discovered that Jack walks around his house at all hours in the nude apparently not caring whether the curtains are drawn. It was really quite odd and it was the talk of the town. I mean, we wanted to see Jack in person but this was ridiculous." One of Nicholson's Omaha, NE neighbors.

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