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Errol Flynn

[A] slimy Jew is trying to cheat me ... I do wish we could bring Hitler over here to teach these Isaacs a thing or two. The bastards have absolutely no business probity or honour whatsoever.
-- Flynn, in a 1933 letter to German intelligence agent Hermann Erben

"I seriously doubt it, a guy like Flynn doesn't have to rape a girl. His problem is how to prevent them from raping him."

-- Flynn's girlfriend, Nora Eddington

"They've great respect for the dead in Hollywood, but none for the living."

-- Flynn

"Errol Flynn died on a 70-foot boat with a 17-year-old girl. Walter has always wanted to go that way, but he's going to settle for a 17-footer with a 70-year-old."

-- Betsy Maxwell Cronkite

Represented by attorney Melvin Belli.

Supposedly slept with Howard Hughes, Tyrone Power, and Truman Capote.


20 Jun 1909 Errol Leslie Thompson Flynn born, Hobart, Tasmania.
1933 Offered part of Fletcher Christian in movie In the Wake of the Bounty. Flynn's mother is descended from Midshipman Young of the real HMS Bounty.
1933 Arrives in London.
early 1935 Arrives in Hollywood.
Jun 1935 Marries French actress Lili Damita.
20 Mar 1937 Meets with Abwehr agent Dr. Hermann F. Erben, Paris. This meeting somehow turns Flynn into a "Nazi spy."
31 May 1941 Son, Sean, born.
Aug 1941 Loses his schnauzer puppy Arno, after the dog is swept off the deck of his boat Sirocco.
1942 Became an American citizen.
c. 1942 Classified 4-F: "unfit for military duty."
c. 1942 Purchases a Van Gogh looted by the Nazis and smuggled out of France, for $48,000. Treasury Department.
Apr 1942 Divorces Lili Damita.
Nov 1942 Charged with (3 counts) statutory rape of Peggy LaRue Satterlee and Betsy Hansen.
Feb 1943 Rape trial, Los Angeles Superior Court.
6 Feb 1943 Acquitted of rape.
Aug 1943 Marries Nora Eddington Black.
10 Jan 1945 Daughter, Deirdre, born.
12 Mar 1947 Son, Rory, born.
7 Jul 1948 Divorces Nora Eddington.
Oct 1950 Marries Patrice Wymore.
25 Dec 1953 Daughter, Arnella, born.
1954 Signs a Last Will and Testament.
c. 1958 Flynn's attorney Melvin Belli appointed guardian of underage starlet/girlfriend Beverly Aadland. Aadland was Flynn's jailbait girlfriend the last two years of his life.
9 Oct 1959 Errol Flynn and girlfriend Beverly Aadland fly from Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia.
14 Oct 1959 Errol Flynn dies of a heart attack, Vancouver, British Columbia. Buried in Garden of Everlasting Peace, Glendale CA.
1959 Posthumous autobiography, My Wicked, Wicked Ways.
Apr 1970 Son, Sean Flynn, disappears in Cambodia. He was a photojournalist for Time/Life, Inc.
1984 Son, Sean Flynn, declared legally dead.
21 Mar 1994 Lili Damita dies, Palm Beach FL.
1995 Chosen #86 of 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History, by Empire.
Mar 1998 Selected by People as one of the "Most Intriguing People of the Century."
21 Sep 1998 Daughter, Arnella, dies.

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