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Pol Pot


Single-handedly responsible for making Cambodian cuisine the "rare delicacy" that it is today (due to the fact that there are hardly any Cambodians remaining: "pol pot stickers are to die for!") this ex-Buddhist monk realized at a late age that the key to all existence, and all great food, "is suffering" "served on a succulent bed of skulls!" He ranks in the 7 Digit Club along with genocidal pals "Josef Stalin, Mao, and Adolf Hitler" for helping almost 2 million of his countrymen (20% of the population) leave this mortal coil "for spicier lands". This kingmaker's innovation of "killing fields" paved the way for future genocidal leaders to corner the market on "all-natural lye" and lit up the Hollywood sky by "igniting John Malkovich's rocketship to fame!" His economic, cultural, and culinary contributions to all civilizations "truly rival Martha Stewart's".

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