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Thomas Hamilton

Dunblane Massacre

Ran a series of boys clubs from 1974-ish to the 1990's. Other adults considered him a bit too "militaristic" or "authoritarian" for their tastes. For many years this was Hamilton's primary source of income, though rumors of unseemly behavior dogged him. And they were probably just that, rumors—Hamiton was likely a lifelong homosexual virgin.

One psychologist stated Hamilton had a "persecution complex." He certainly felt others were out to get him, and he considered himself a victim of Freemasonry and the power status quo.


10 May 1952 Thomas Watt born, Glasgow Scotland.
26 Mar 1956 Adopted by his maternal grandparents, name changed to Hamilton.
1972 Opens a do-it-yourself shop in Sterling, which lasts for 13 years.
1973 Becomes a Scout leader.
29 Jun 1974 "While unable to give concrete evidence against this man I feel that too many 'incidents' relate to him such that I am far from happy about his having any association with Scouts. He has displayed irresponsible acts on outdoor activities by taking young 'favorite' Scouts for weekends during the winter and sleeping in his van, the excuse for these outings being hill-walking expeditions. The lack of precautions for such outdoor activities displays either irresponsibility or an ulterior motive for sleeping with the boys... His personality displays evidence of a persecution complex coupled with rather grandiose delusions of his own abilities. As a doctor, and with my clinical acumen only, I am suspicious of his moral intentions towards boys." Brian D. Fairgrieve.
Aug 1987 Adoptive mother dies.
23 Jan 1996 Purchases a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver and a 9mm Browning pistol.
13 Mar 1996 Thomas Hamilton enters Gwen Mayor's classrom at Dunblane High School and kills Mayor, sixteen children, and injures all but one of her other students. Two other students were absent and thus not harmed. Hamilton then kills himself.

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