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Martin Bryant

Port Arthur Massacre

  • IQ of 66, putting him at an impressively low 1.17th percentile. While still able to function independently in society, he received the nickname Stupid Marty.
  • Made lewd comments to almost any female. Loved pornography and was obsessed with bestiality. Frequently hired prostitutes. Creepy. Enjoyed violent films, his favorite Child's Play II.
  • Inherited approximately $500,000 after the suicide of his father and the death of Helen Harvey, killed in an automobile accident (in which Martin was passenger.)
  • Bryant had no significant firearms experience, but he owned 200 teddy bears.
  • The Port Arthur Massacre sparked gun reform in Australia, though none was really needed. Tasmania in particular, where this massacre occurred, sported a very low murder rate, in which guns involved only a fraction.
  • A New South Wales police report indicates that 29 shots were fired at the Broad Arrow, 19 ending as fatal head shots, 1 other fatal shot, and 12 wounded. In about 90 seconds. A very interesting statistic.
  • Bryant's AR-15 was found with an exploded cartridge in the chamber, exploded with a force not normally seen for a bullet of this calibre. If this had occurred while the weapon was being held, severe injury would have resulted to the operator—amputation, burns, or firearms discharge residue. At time of arrest, Bryant was burned from the fire at Seascape Cottage, but his hands were uninjured.
  • Has made four suicide attempts while in prison.
  • Current residence Risdon Prison.
  • Lyndon LaRouche publication EIR asserts that Bryant was a "patsy" brainwashed by the Tavistock Institute.


7 May 1967 Martin Bryant born.
1984 Severely burned in fireworks accident, requiring weeks of hospitalization.
Dec 1987 "There will never be uniform gun laws in Australia until there is a massacre in Tasmania." Barry Unsworth, New South Wales Labour Premiere, spoken at a special meeting in Hobart. Reported by the Sun Herald edition of 5 May 1996.
16 Aug 1993 Father, Maurice Bryant, commits suicide at family farm, Copping. Maurice weighted himself with his son's diving weights and submerged himself.
9 Mar 1994 Drysdale's firearm is destroyed by the Australian government, according to records.
1995 Loses his luggage at the airport. Police recover the luggage and return it to him, minus four seized bestiality videos.
28 Apr 1996 After openly lamenting the dearth of Japanese tourists, Martin Bryant opens fire with an AR-15 (serial number SP128807) at the Broad Arrow Cafe in Port Arthur, Tasmania, killing 35 and wounding 18.
28 Apr 1996 At 8PM, police take Carleen Bryant, Martin's mother, to police headquarters.
29 Apr 1996 Bryant surrenders to police, his clothes on fire.
23 Jun 1996 Report on the front page of Australia's Sunday Telegraph indicates that the AR-15 used is a gun that was turned into the Victoria government by collector Bill Drysdale in February 1993, during an amnesty. He was compensated AU$1700 for the firearm.
4 Jul 1996 Police interrogation:
POLICE: Did you ever practice shooting from the hip?
BRYANT: No Never.
POLICE: Did you get pretty accurate?
BRYANT: No Not really.
30 Sep 1996 Bryant pleads not guilty to 72 counts.
7 Nov 1996 Trial begins.
22 Dec 2000 Stabbing attack on Bryant at Risdon Prison. This is described as a suicide attempt.
5 Jul 2003 Another inmate sprays cleaning solution in Bryant's eyes. He is evacuated to Royal Hobart Hospital for treatment.

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