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Friedrich Leibacher

Day of Wrath against the Zug Mafia

In the disguise of a police officer (his uniform homemade), killed 14 members of a regional parliament in Zug, Switzerland. Detonated a grenade, then shot himself. His principal target, Robert Bisig, was not injured.

Used a 5.6mm Sturmgewehr 90 rifle (the civilian version of the rifle issued to Swiss Militia), pump action shotgun, and a SIG-Sauer pistol, Smith and Wesson revolver. Fired more than 90 shots.

Leibacher has married three mail-order wives from the Dominican Republic, the first of the three (Villegas) aged 15.

News of this massacre received little play, because of its proximity to the World Trade Center attacks.


21 Jul 1944 Friedrich Leibacher born, Zug Canton, Switzerland.
1970 Convicted of child sexual abuse. Sentenced to 18 months.
15 Sep 1982 Attacks a couple with nun-chucks, for which he is sued for assault.
Oct 1998 Threatens a bus driver with a handgun after a bar fight.
Sep 2001 Seven lawsuits by Leibacher dismissed by Swiss courts.
28 Sep 2001 Day of Wrath Against the Zug Mafia.

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