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Fred and Rosemary West

The couple that slays together, stays together. A bit cliche, but how can you resist such a perfect phrase to describe the most perfectly insidious couple ever to grace the planet Earth. Also applicable would be "The couple that rapes together, stays together," "The couple that molests their children together, stays together," and of course the ever popular "The couple that ties young women up in the basement, performs sado-masochistic Pagan rituals on them, removes the toe bones and sells them to a local coven, and then buries the body in the garden together, stays together."

Fred and Rosemary were both abused as children. Rosemary was turning tricks at the age of 14 so she could buy a ticket away from her sexually abusive father. By the time Fred was 14, he was a bit looser in the ass than Rosemary. Fred's parents used him as a sort of sexual sounding board, trying out new toys and techniques on the young lad before committing them to their own sexual menu.

Rosemary was not Fred's first wife. His first wife was a prostitute named Rena, who he married in 1967. For their honeymoon, Fred splurged on some British rail tickets for himself and his new bride. Along the way between Gloucester and Glasgow, they met up with Ann McFall, an 18-year-old scot who Fred lured into bed. The threesome traveled between Wales and Scotland by train for a few months, stopping off in local towns to do sexy things in hotels.

Eventually, Ann got pregnant. Fred had a thing for pregnant women, and continued to fuck her, along with his prostitute wife who was also pregnant, for seven more months. But as soon as Ann entered her third trimester, Fred couldn't slip her the weasel without harming the baby. So, he killed Ann and buried her in a field near his boyhood home.

When Ann's 15 year old friend Mary Bastholm came looking for her, Fred knocked her out with a hammer, snuck her off to a secluded spot near his old home, and humped her to death. He then buried her near Ann.

By this time, Rena had given birth to Charmaine, a prematurely born daughter with severe birth defects. Her mother was disease ridden and a constant drunkard, and these transgressions did not make for a healthy child. But happy father Fred did not seem to blame his daughter for these shortcomings. Instead, he killed the mother and buried her in his favorite field.

Before he buried Rena, he had already begun shacking up with Rosemary Letts, a 16 year-old prostitute he'd met while training around Wales. Rosemary got pregnant real quick. Fred obviously hadn't heard of condoms. Around this time, Fred was picked up for larceny and served a short jail sentence. While he was gone, Rosemary evidently grew weary of Charmaine's constant need for attention. She euthanized the child and buried her body in the yard.

Sometimes fate is cruel. Sometimes it is kind. Sometimes it is both things at the same time. For Fred West, fate was very friendly. For his daughters, it was not. Fred loved little girls. Couldn't get enough of them. So it is perhaps ironic that the only children Fred ever fathered were female. It was only proper for daddy to break them in! Fred's daughters (The one's that lived anyway) were a constant source of amusement for both daddy and mum. All six were sexually abused as soon as they could walk.

But the West's didn't limit themselves to incest. They moved into a cottage at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester and redecorated the place in an early Roman style. That is, the style of an early Roman brothel. The basement was adorned with whips, racks, chains, and cages. Upstairs, Fred's six daughters shared a single room, while he rented out four of the remaining bedrooms to drifting women and Johns who fucked his wife. The John rooms were rigged for video and audio surveillance. Fred liked to watch.

Boarders seemed to come and go quite quickly from the West household. Fred charged nominal rents, and often found his home playing host to poor pregnant mothers and lonely college girls. Of course, when these boarders discovered that they were expected to pay their rent with their pussies, most moved out and left town. Any of the girls that were stupid enough to agree to Fred's twisted demands were taken downstairs and became props in the disturbing porno that was the West's lives.

In 1992, authorities began to wonder what had happened to Fred's daughter Heather. The standard line was that she had run off with some dyke at the age of 16. The five remaining West girls, however, giggled and spoke about their sister being buried under the garden path "six across, nine down," her grave marked by cobblestones.

When Fred and Rose's explanations weren't satisfactory, the police began digging up the yard. When they started finding thigh bones, the jig was up. One cop said "She hadn't got three legs!" Fred confessed to accidentally killing his daughter Heather, but remained speechless on the other killings.

When they got him in jail in 1994, he finally confessed to nine separate murders, though around 14 dead women are commonly attributed to he and Rose. On New Year's Day 1995, Fred hanged himself in his cell. Rosemary was charged with nine counts of first degree murder and remains in jail to this day. A great deal of time has been spent trying to explain why most of West's victims were found missing toe, finger, knee, and collar bones. The common explanation is that the Wests were selling bits and pieces to a local coven of witches. This has never been proved. But none of the some odd 300 missing toe and finger bones have been found, despite the police spending nearly a year searching the West home for more evidence of their disturbing work.

If the Wests were selling bones to a coven, it was a strange group of witches to say the least. Neither of the Wests were ever seen to be practicing Pagans, and no one who lived in the neighborhood could remember hearing the daughters talk about witches or magic. Of course, those same neighbors didn't seem to notice the tortured screams coming from the basement, or the constant influx of new dirt piles in the backyard.

Whatever the Wests were doing with all those bones will likely never be known. Rosemary doesn't talk much in jail, and Fred's hanging keeps him from speaking to the press.

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