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Richard Ramirez

The Night Stalker

Southern Californian serial killer, into devil worship. Big fan of Australian rockers AC/DC. One of the female jurors who voted to convict him of murder later fell in love with him and they pursued a prison relationship for a while.


20 Sep 1989 A jury finds Richard Ramirez ("The Night Stalker") guilty of 43 counts, including 13 murders and assorted incidents of burglary, rape, and sodomy. Ramirez terrorized Southern California during a string of murders, sexual attacks and burglaries. He would scrawl a pentacle in his victim's blood on the wall of each crime scene.
7 Nov 1989 After being sentenced to death, convicted serial killer Richard Ramirez tells reporters: "Big deal. Death always went with the territory. I'll see you at Disneyland."
3 Oct 1996 Doreen Lioy marries death row inmate Richard Ramirez ("The Night Stalker") in a ceremony in the visiting room at San Quentin Prison. Sadly, the newlyweds are disallowed conjugal visits.

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