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Huang Yong

Former soldier, then a migrant worker. Lured boys from internet cafes and newspaper job offers. Sometimes he claimed to be developing a new video game, God Riding on a Wooden Horse. The game apparently involved being tied to a noodle rolling machine followed by strangulation.


c. 1974 Huang Yong born, Henan Province.
Sep 2001 Huang Yong takes his first victim.
7 Nov 2003 Sixteen-year-old Zhang Liang, intended to be victim #26, abducted. Held captive for four days, Liang tries to escape twice. After choking Liang three times and three times reviving him, the boy somehow convinces Huang to let him free.
12 Nov 2003 Huang Yong arrested after boy Zhang Liang goes to the police in the village of Dahuangzhuang, China. Eighteen bodies are found beneath Huang's house, and he confesses to 25 murders.
9 Dec 2003 Huang Yong sentenced to death after a three hour public trial.

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