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Dorothea Puente

A serial killer for the purest of motives, money. Collected from social security checks of drug-addled and alcoholic tenants in a boardinghouse she obtained from her lousy, no-good second husband. How could such a nice old lady do these bad things?


9 Jan 1929 Dorothea Puente born, San Bernardino County CA.
1933 Father dies.
1935 Mother dies.
1952 Marries Axel Johanson.
1966 Divorces.
1976 Marries Pedro Montalvo.
Apr 1982 Ruth Monroe, age 61, dies of a drug overdose in Puente's boardinghouse.
18 Aug 1982 Dorothea Puente convicted of theft (3 counts), sentenced to five years.
1985 Released from prison after serving roughly three years.
Nov 1985 Handyman Ismael Florez constructs a six-foot-long wooden box for Dorothea Puente, and assists her dumping it into a river, without actually knowing what is inside the box. He thinks this is somewhat strange but Dorothea is a nice lady.
1 Jan 1986 Everson Gillmouth's decomposed body found inside a wooden box.
11 Nov 1988 First body found underneath Puente's lawn. Seven bodies are found in all.
Nov 2001 Dorothea Puente's Victorian home dating in part to 1889, at 1626 F Street, Sacramento CA, offered for sale at $225,950. It's a fixer-upper; police trashed it looking for body parts.

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