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David Edward Maust

Known as "Crazy Dave" to neighborhood kids. While in the U.S. Army, apparently killed a boy in Germany. Killed another boy in Illinois, and then stabbed one in Texas. The legal system knew this guy was a psychopath who liked to kill boys—comparing him even to John Wayne Gacy—yet somehow he was released after only a few years. And, surprise, Crazy Dave gets a job at a trophy shop where he has contact with young boys, and can't resist the delicious temptations.


5 Apr 1954 David Edward Maust born.
9 Aug 1981 Stabs and drowns boy Donald Jones, age 15, in a quarry near Elgin IL.
10 Dec 1981 Stabs a child, Galveston County TX. Sentenced to five years.
1982 Charged with the murder of Donald Jones.
17 Jan 1983 Extradition paperwork refers to Maust as a "Gacey type" (sic.)
22 Jul 1986 Date of the deposition made by detectives Behrens and Bettiker, to whom Maust confessed. Maust refused to sign a confession, and later tried to have the statements to Behrens and Bettiker suppressed from evidence, but a judge refused.
Jun 1985 Maust declared mentally unfit to stand trial.
15 Aug 1986 "[V]ery long and significant mental history with multiple suicide attempts and homicidal activities... He has a pathological preoccupation with death, mutilation, dying and other bizarre ideations. He is currently unstable and unpredictable and runs a high suicidal, homicidal risk." Cook County psychiatrist Dr. Matthew Marcos.
30 Mar 1987 Maust declared mentally fit to stand trial.
1994 Pleads guilty to the murder of Donald Jones.
6 May 1994 Sentenced to 35 years prison, with 11 years credit for time already served.
25 Jun 1999 Paroled. Yikes!
27 Jun 2002 Supervised release ends.
2 May 2003 A boy who works at the Trophys Are Us—the same place Maust does—Nick James, age 19, reported missing.
10 Sep 2003 Michael Dennis and James Raganyi last seen.
5 Dec 2003 Police begin excavating beneath concrete in Maust's rented house at 4333 Ash Ave, Hammond IL.
9 Dec 2003 Two bodies recovered beneath the concrete.
10 Dec 2003 A third body recovered beneath the concrete. The bodies are identified as: Michael Dennis, age 13; James Raganyi, age 16; and Nick James, age 19.
11 Dec 2003 David Edward Maust charged with one count of murder.
20 Jan 2006 Serial killer David Edward Maust dies at St. Anthony Medical Center in Crown Point, Indiana, 27 hours after hanging himself in a botched though successful jail-cell suicide attempt.

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