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Carl Panzram

Aliases: Jefferson Baldwin, Jeffrey Rhodes, John King, John O'Leary.

"In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and last but not least I have committed sodomy on more than 100 male human beings. For all these things I am not in the least bit sorry."

"I sat down to think things over a bit. While I was sitting there, a little kid about eleven or twelve years old came bumming around. He was looking for something. He found it too. I took him out to a gravel pit about one quarter mile away. I left him there, but first committed sodomy on him and then killed him. His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him, and he will never be any deader."

Wrote a 20,000 word book/confession.


28 Jun 1891 Carl Panzram born, Minnesota.
1903 Sent to reform school at Minnesota State Training School, Red Wing, Minnesota.
1911 With an Indian companion, attacks a man and robs him of $35. Later he says, "I figured that as I had such a good chance of that, I would commit a little sodomy on him... he is still there, unless the buzzards and coyotes have finished the last of him long ago."
1922 When asked in Washington, DC City Jail, why kill a child: "I hate all the fucking human race. I get a kick out of murdering people."
9 Aug 1923 Sodomizes and kills a young boy, who was begging. Of all his murders, this is Panzram's favorite. The boy's body is discovered two days later, and is never identified.
6 Oct 1928 Confesses to the murder of 9 August 1923: "If there is anything more that you want to know about this case that I can tell you, I will... I have killed a number of people in different places and some of the facts escape my memory."
26 Aug 1923 Arrested as "John O'Leary" for breaking and entering the Larchmont Train Station.
Jul 1928 Discharged from Dannemora Prison.
26 Jul 1928 Strangles Alexander Uszacke in Philadelphia.
2 Sep 1928 Arrested.
12 Nov 1928 Trial begins. Sentenced to 25 years.
1 Feb 1929 Arrives at Leavenworth.
26 Mar 1929 Written request: "I want that job because I am doing a long time and I am an old crank and I want to be by myself. I am a cripple and the job I have now I don't like, standing on my broken ankles bothers me. I am very truly, Carl Panzram #31614."
20 Jun 1929 While in Leavenworth, Panzram kills Robert Warnke (who is not a prisoner, and is Panzram's supervisor), beating him to death with a large iron bar. After guards arrive, he returns calmly to his cell.
14 Apr 1930 Trial begins for Warnke's murder.
5 Sep 1930 Hanged at 6:30 am. Last words: "Hurry up you Hoosier bastard. I could hang a dozen men while you're fooling around."

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