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Pretty Boy Floyd


3 Feb 1903 Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd born, Bartow Co., GA.
1921 Marries Wilma (Ruby) Hargrove.
11 Sep 1925 Assists in the robbery of a payroll, $11,500. For this, he is sentenced to prison.
7 Mar 1929 Released from prison.
1931 Robs 51 banks in Oklahoma.
15 Jan 1932 Oklahoma Bankers Association posts a $6000 reward for Floyd's capture.
17 Jun 1933 Four policemen are killed by associates of Frank Nash while attempting to break Nash out of custody; among them J. Edgar Hoover incorrectly identifies Floyd. "No time, money or labor will be spared toward bringing about the individuals responsible for this cowardly, despicable act. They must be eliminated. And to this end we are dedicating ourselves."
30 Jun 1934 The killing of John Dillinger promotes Floyd to Public Enemy Number 1.
22 Oct 1934 Notorious bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd dies of multiple gunshot wounds in the back, after a shootout with the FBI at the Conkle Farm in East Liverpool, Ohio.
1970 Ruby Floyd dies.

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