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Below is a nationwide "age progression" of Americans, 18 to 40. It's what's called a heat map or choropleth. Basically, we're using color intensities to show how people answered an OkCupid match question.

Do you enjoy giving oral sex?
age of the U.S. population

By moving the slider under the map to change the age the displayed data set, you can watch how sexuality evolves as people get older. As you can see, Americans are more into oral sex later in life, and you can also get a good idea of local attitudes. Places like Iowa City, IA and Birmingham, AL are definitely ahead of the curve on this topic. Here's a quick line chart showing the nationwide change over age, 18 to 40. I've broken the data out by gender, so you can see how men and women differ. The red dots are highs and lows.

All right, that's all for today. We'll be posting statistical outtakes like these more or less daily from now on. Tomorrow's match question is, Is masturbation your most frequent type of sexual release? We'll again look at nationwide attitudes/behaviors and also gender breakouts.