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The scale you completed is the Self-Report Psychopathy Scale, created by Del Paulhus, Craig Neumann, and Robert Hare.

The scale is a measure of psychopathic personality traits that are displayed by some individuals in the general population. Psychopathy is a disorder characterized by extreme and persistent features such as lack of guilt, empathy, and conscience; psychopaths are often manipulative, insincere, and violate social and moral norms. Contrary to popular belief, psychopathy is not limited to the most extreme serial killers, but can be found everywhere, in all types of industries and social classes.

The idea behind the scale is that psychopathy is thought to be continuously distributed in the population and individuals have varying degrees of psychopathic traits which can be validily measured. In addition, the manifestation of psychopathy can be highly variable in terms of individuals who are primarily glib, superficially charming, grandiose, lying, conning, manipulative, and emotionally callous to those characterized mostly by impulsivity, recklessness, and deviant behavior. However, psychopathic personality disorder usually entails most, if not all, of these characteristics. Psychopathy is often thought of as the epitome of immoral behavior. We have put this scale up on because we are interested in learning how psychopathic personality traits relate to different concepts of morality. Please note that various psychopathic traits been found to correlate positively with other more general personality traits such as extraversion, adventure-seeking, and other traits which are often valued in leadership and competitive environments, so higher scores may not necessarily reflect deviant or immoral behavior, but instead reflect more outgoing personality styles.

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The graph below shows how you compare to the average male and average female visitor to this website on four separate dimensions that relate to psychopathy: interpersonal traits, affective/emotional traits, lifestyle traits, and anti-social traits. The interpersonal facet measures your style in relationships with friends, family members and others you interact with. The affective facet measures the degree to which you experience emotions and your emotional reactions to situations. The lifestyle facet measures your degree of risk-taking, impulsivity, and willingness to try new things. The antisocial facet assesses how much you have engaged in acts that may be illegal.

To learn more about the psychopathy, consider this article from Scientific American or this wikipedia page .

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