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The survey you completed is the Morality and Relationships Questionnaire developed by Sena Koleva, Ph.D. at the University of Southern California and Dylan Selterman, Ph.D. at the University of Maryland.

The questionnaire is a measure of individual perceptions of right and wrong in the context of romantic relationships.

The idea behind the scale is that relationship norms are an interesting instance of everyday moral judgments and we expect that a number of individual factors (such as a person's gender, personality, worldviews, and previous relationship experience) will influence the extent to which a behavior is seen as morally ok or not ok. One goal of the study is to specifically explore emerging relationship norms, i.e. norms surrounding dating websites, cybersex, or open (non-monongamous) relationships. Another goal is to see whether relationship norms differ depending on who is performing the act in question, e.g. a male or a female. The questionnaire you answered has several versions (and you were randomly assigned to one of them): the items are identical, but the person doing the action (i.e. the agent) is varied. The agent is either the respondent himself/herself, the respondent's partner, the respondent's best friend, a generic man, or a generic woman.

The graph below shows how your answers for some of our items compare to those of other website visitors who received the same version of the questionnaire as you. Higher numbers indicate that the action described in the item is seen as more acceptable (morally OK). Your score is shown in green. The score of the average male survey respondent is shown in brown and that of the average female respondent is in orange.

You can read more about relationships in the Handbook of Relationship Initiation.

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