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The scales you completed were based on questions from Polling Report, which keeps track of questions asked by major polling organizations to the general public.

We are interested in whether our measures of morality, in particular the Moral Foundations Questionnaire (accessible via the explore page), predict variance in attitudes about current political events. We are especially interested in whether we can predict attitudes using moral measures beyond what can be predicted via ideology alone.

The Moral Foundation Questionnaire measures the degree to which people care about five sets of moral issues: 1) harm and care, 2) fairness and reciprocity, 3) group loyalty, 4) authority and respect, and 5) spiritual and physical purity. To test the usefulness of this theory in predicting attitudes about current events, we selected three of these foundations: Harm, Loyalty, and Purity. We then picked out only the people who scored above average on each of these three foundations. In the graphs below, we show what these 'high scorers' on each foundation thought about some of the questions you responded to. In this way, you can see for yourself how these three moral foundations relate to people's judgments about current events. It's relevant here that political liberals generally score higher than conservatives on the Harm foundation, and lower than conservatives on the Loyalty and Purity foundations. But we have found that these foundation scores predict views about current events over and above people's self-ratings on the liberal-conservative dimension.

In each of the graphs below, your score is shown first (the green bar). Scores range from 1 to 7, with the questions listed below indicating what higher scores mean. The second bar (in light blue) shows how people scored who had previously (when taking the MFQ) placed a high value on the Harm foundation. The third bar (light red) shows how people scored who had placed a high value on the Loyalty foundation. The last bar (in purple) shows how people scored who had placed a high value on the Purity foundation.

Issue: favors Palin

Issue: feels immigration is a good thing

Issue: supports same-sex marriage

Issue: supports the Tea Party

Issue: feels bank regulation is a good idea

If you want to learn more about political opinions and Moral Foundation Theory, you can visit this academic website.

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