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The scale you completed was the Clarity Scale.

This scale measures your preference for clear and structured situations. People who score high on this scale tend to dislike abstract art, ambiguous situations, and questions that lack black-and-white, clear-cut answers. People who score low on this scale are often viewed as "wishy-washy" and indecisive. Some past research suggests that people scoring high on this scale report feeling discomfort when encountering ambiguity in their lives. This preference for clarity, sometimes referred to as "intolerance for ambiguity", is also related to people's political beliefs. Specifically, conservatives tend to score higher than liberals suggesting that conservatives have a stronger preference for unambiguous situations than liberals do. Conversely, the discomfort liberals may feel with clear-cut, unambiguous answers may explain why some people view them as wishy-washy or flip-floppers.

The graph below shows your scores (in green) compared to those of the average liberal (in blue) and the average conservative (in red) visitor to this website. The scale runs from 1 (lowest score) to 5 (highest score).

You are a member of the group:LessWrong and those results are shown with the Grey bar.

For more information, see the Wikipedia article on ambiguity tolerance.

Or, read a more academic article by the creator of the test you just took: Budner, S., 1962, “Intolerance of ambiguity as a personality variable.” Journal of Personality. 30, 29-50.

To learn more, you can visit, a hub of academic research on political polarization and civility.

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