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Lady Yodo-Dono (Poem)

by Sebastian on 10 March 2012

Lady Yodo-Dono

A parasol twirled
Under midsummer’s rays
Men’s eyes towards the clouds
And yours toward the ground

The grand regent’s wife
Mother to the heir
And all Japan’s blight

Embroideries and golds
Insatiable desire
Incenses at moonlight
In Fuji’s twilight shadow

Glances cloaked in silk
A fan, a kimono
Eyes and lips open
Heart steeled

Death to your son’s cousin
Death to all opposition

Half-pursed lips
Stifling a giggle
The glee of a young girl

Ah, Cha Cha
Your father and brother
Fallen at Odani
Taken to Castle Yodo

With pain as your aegis
Intentions masked
Your dreams had been taken
Into a wakeful nightmare

The enemy’s man-servant
The servant, rose to general
He took you by his side
Princess Yodo, with the sandal-bearer

Noble Nene cries
As her husband deserts her
As he betrays his own sister
Following your twirling parasol

A smile, a laugh
A grin, a whirl
A suppression of truth and honor
And the execution of young Hidetsugu

So, stand on the ramparts
Of Osaka Castle
May your Hideyori
Rule for 10,000 years

Consumption of gold and pearls
Spices and incenses
Wines and sake
And oh-so much attention

Nene is crying
Hideaki is stewing
Mitsunari is blundering

Hidetada is training with his blade
Mototada is training his forces
Ieyasu is setting his pieces

The East is rising
The Christians are preparing
And Hideyori is not

But laugh, and joy, and whirl
No one can see through you
Certainly, the Toyomi
Will live 10,000 years

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gwern March 10, 2012 at 5:07 am

Having just read through all the others, this is for me your best poem so far.


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