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Evolution Market Staff Member: 130,000BTC Were Stolen

Another article in the #Evoscam series – We have conducted a short interview with: NSWGreat, the now former Evolution market staff member who was the first to call out the Evolution market exit scam and post about it on Reddit. We were trying to figure out if he could shed more light on this recent exit scam, unfortunately, i  can’t say that we have learned something new other than some new info about the massive scale of this scam – but as we already know, by the nature of this crime (Market exit scams) we don’t hold much hope of exposing the true story behind it, so we can just assume its human nature in action again, especially when considering the background behind Evolution marketplace.

Proof of ID can be found here (PGP signed message with the initial version of this interview – more info was added later)

His PGP Key can be verified by checking his Agora Profile: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/vendor/NSWGreat#

Who are you? (Vendor etc…)

I’m Bliss, my original personal alias on the Darknet. I became a vendorand named myself NSWGreat, a copy of another vendor SAGreat who was a good friend of mine.
I trafficked heroin, meth, cocaine, GHB, LSD, DMT, oxycodone, DOM andbasically everything else you can probably think of when you think ofdrugs.

What was your role on Evolution marketplace?

My official job title was public relations for the Evolution marketplace.

How long have you been working with them?

I had been working along side Kimble and Verto for about fourth or five months.

Can you describe your day to day job there?

Day to day job was general administration of the forum, processing scam reports and investigating into vendors who were reported of stealing funds, selling drugs incorrectly labeled and general support for buyers who were distressed about transactions with vendors.

How was your communication with the admins?

Spoke with the admins on a daily basis, I became quite close friends with them. I have said it in the past and I still think it now, despite what they’ve done. They are nice people, too smart for their own good that is for sure. It was surreal.

When did you start feeling that something went wrong?

Evolution runs like clock work, as soon as the withdrawals started slowing down and delaying. We started punishing vendors more harshly than usual (disabling their ability to withdraw their funds). I noticed that automatic withdrawals were disabled, which is odd. Manual withdrawals were being done which explains why it was taking so long.

What did you do when you realized that?

It took me awhile to really accept what was happening, but I went straight to DNM Reddit as I knew this would be the only place they wouldn’t be able to censor.

Can you share any info you had as an insider on what made the admins cam at this time? (maybe they got hacked or something.)

It was time to get out. It is terrifying running these markets.

Can you estimate how much was lost?

I laughed when they said 12m, 33-38m in total was stored across Evolution. Good luck finding it.

33m is more than most estimates, how did you get to this number?

I was able to see transaction history. Last I saw, it was at 35m, Withdrawals were being done, There may of been more I rarely check transaction history, In total, the marketplace held 35m In bitcoins in escrow, wallets something around 130k BTC total.

How many sales you were having on evo?

I’d rather not say.

How much did you lose?

Also rather not say.

Will you keep vending? (if so, where?)

Not for much longer, I am having a huge closing down sale for AUS customers: 50% and more. Over on Agora, Its no longer safe for me to be a vendor, so I am clearing my stock.
I have a kilo of cocaine to move and over a hundred sheets (900 blotters) of needlepoint LSD to sell.

This is my profile on Agora: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/vendor/NSWGreat

Did you ever suspect any LE involvement in Evolution?..

No, never. The entire team were criminals with roots back to SR and BMR in some shape or another.

Do you think anyone else was cooperating with the admins – like mods or vendors?

None. They did it of their own accord.

Anything else you want to add – warn people / some advice to minimize their losses in future market scams?

Fund decentralized market projects such as CloakCoin and their market, they are the only way for this to work.

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  1. someone call ANONYMOUS, an petition for their help. i lost money too, a cpl hundred. but its the principle that matters

  2. What a load of bs to distract people. Evo was closely cooperting with German LR and shared the cash with them and reported people – good this trashcan is gone.

  3. Huh…?? First on the Australian Vendor Thread (Evo forums) u said ur goons were bagging up your coke..

    Then on reddit u said u got scammed for a kilo of cocaine and didn’t have any, now you’re saying u DO have a kilo of cocaine…… Which is it?

    You’ve continuously tripped over your stories.

    • I have to agree with Liar. nswgreat has changed his story so many times now it’s hard to believe anything he says. He was posting on reddit today about a 1kg block of coke he received recently where he says he didn’t open it until a few days later (sure!!). he then went on to say he was ripped off because the package contained some weights only to change his mind later and say the package actually contained a pair of shoes. He claims he is waiting for a kilo of coke to arrive in late March (on his vendor page on Agora)yet he has a listing up on Agora right now for the sale of a 1kg block of coke which he says has been ez-tested and contains no levamisole at all. The price is 1208.87008424 BTC. As Liar said, which is it? Either you have coke or you don’t. He seems to forget a lot of what he said previously and is clearly up to something in my opinion. I also find it most unusual that a recently hired staff member, in charge of Public Relations, was the first to post this info. Didn’t the market mods have any clue that something was going on considering it was part of their job to look after both buyers and vendor accounts on the market. Why is nsw basically the only staff member still floating around the other forums / reddit when we basically haven’t seen or heard from any of the others? I’m starting to think the staff were paid to help carry out the scam with a minimum of fuss. It’s funny how nswgreat was spruiking from the roof tops about how well his business was going and how much money he was making from the drugs he was importing yet when a market shuts it doors, he suddenly decides to go back to his former way of life without having a job to go to. That’s because he and the other staff members have been paid out of the $35,000,000 in coins the admins stole! In all seriousness, Why does nswgreat have a kilo of coke for sale without having any product to sell (his words on reddit) and now requires all buyers to FE too. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck the it’s a fucking duck! Something is off with this bloke and the timing between the evo scam, his importation of a 1 kilo block of coke and his departure from DM vending next Thursday seems fishy to me.

      PS. He also claimed he lost $20,000 from the Evo exit scam. He then changed that figure up to $60,000 because he added the 1kg package of coke he received (which contained no coke at all and cost him $40,000 which he FE for the supplier only to refuse a question from DeepDotWeb about how much money he had lost in the scam?? Considering the “info” had already been made public by himself, what was the issue with answering their question?? Something stinks big time and the events that have occurred are way too coincidental for my liking.

      • only to refuse a question from DeepDotWeb about how much money he had lost

        I was wondering the same thing, but the 20K and the 60K were referring to lost product and escrow, not his total losses.

  4. Nice info DeepdotWeb! I Just want to add to:
    “It was time to get out. It is terrifying running these markets.”
    Indeed! Just read the Ross’s diary…

  5. ANONYMOUS has been called in this is ANONYMOUS talking telling you all EVO mods are marked men now they have have a bounty out on each of them

  6. i called out this website as an LE honeypot several months ago because when i advertised my vendorship to them and asked for escrow excemption, they replied very strangely and when i asked to delete the messages they said they couldnt do it

    i warned everyone of this on a thread on evo forums, some believed me but most didnt.

    to avoid similar losses either go with long time trusted vendors without the middle men or use decentralized markets.

  7. SAGreat and NSWGreat are the same people/group, hence SA retiring only a couple days before this exit scam…. Coincidence?????? I think not.

  8. The only way to possibly ruin these mongrels lives is for us to all drop the bitcoin and change to another crypto currency.
    Devalue the BTC to nothing again, hack all the trading sites and make it totally unreliable and safe to use for the general public and it will fall into a heap. 33million becomes 3. That would be justice.

    It is a real and possible way to get some payback on these scumbags.

    Cash out of BTC now in case someone seriously tries the idea.
    I only buy/sell within 24hrs and cash out each day.

    Time for BTC to die and in turn crush the smiles on scum like Verto and Kimble.

  9. LOSINGFAITH and LIAR having been following the story closely (as have others).
    They are not the only ones to have noticed the funny business and changing stories :-/
    (I’m sure if NSWGreat knew of or participated in this exit scam he is needing his product to sleep at night) :-/
    Hope you didn’t Mr. Great! Lot’s of people have no doubt been hurt in all kinds of ways :(