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Horticultural Student In Perth Caught Ordering Cannabis From Canada

Steven Kennedy (35), a horticultural student of Scott Street, Perth, Scotland, has been caught ordering 250 grams of Orange Bud (cannabis type) from Canada using the Agora Marketplace while it was still open. He ordered the package to his home address, however, an airport sniffer dog intercepted the parcel. As a result of that, the weed was not delivered by the postman, but an officer of the Scotland Police to Kennedy.

Depute fiscal Jim Eodanable told Perth Sheriff Court Kennedy had intentions to sell around half of the cannabis to his close friends.

A police source added this statement as an explanation of the case:

“He obviously thought it was an easy way to get his cannabis by ordering it online from a site based in Canada. He was pretty brazen ordering it to be sent to his own home address, but he obviously thought he would never get caught. Unfortunately for him, it had barely arrived in the country when one of the dogs at the hub in Coventry picked it out as a suspicious package. It was opened and found to be cannabis, so it wasn’t too hard to track down to its intended recipient, since his name was on the packet. He must have been wondering what had happened to it because the police held on to it for a few days before they went to confront him about it. He must have been pretty taken aback when it was the police that turned up to ‘deliver’ his parcel. He couldn’t really say anything other than admit it was intended for him. He then freely admitted that it was to be shared between him and his friend and that his friend was to stump up half the cash.”

The police raided Kennedy’s house in June 2014, however, he was just charged recently. The man appeared in court this week.

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  1. hub in Coventry seems to be a hot spot- sure i have seen about Coventry on here before

  2. now if the poor guy had said “NO COMMENT” and stuck to that, he would be walking free, im walking proof!

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