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Meet Steven Ruijter: Utopia Market Developer Aka “CosaNostra”

Update: At the 10th of June 2015 – Steven was sentenced to a lengthy Jail term along with 15K Euro fine, if you want to help feel free to donate to him via this address: 12CogZNo4CFLZ6ViMZL5NcrwBA5svXi12V

Utopia was one of the markets with the shortest lifespan, only one week before its founders, former staff member of BlackMarketReloaded were raided, arrested and sentenced to lengthy jail terms. Today for the first time, we are happy to publish an interview with one of the mods of BMR who was also the developer of Utopia –  Steven Ruijter AKA “CosaNostra” who was recently released after spending 1 year in prison, along with some more info from the legal documents of this case, presented here publicly for the first time.

Spoiler: Nobody got something even remotely close to life without parole.

Who are you and whats your relation to BMR / Utopia?

My real name is Steven Ruijter, I was a user under the nickname CosaNostra.

What was your role on BMR?

CosaNostra was a shared account like any mod account on BMR, it was not my personal account it was an account were i had access to.
BMR was kinda smart designed on the background, to be honest there were no roles defined. A moderator is a moderator.