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Israeli Teen Arrested For Selling Drugs Bought On The DarkNet

According to the Israeli news site Walla.co.il, A package that raised suspicion at the ben-gurion airport customs was searched and found to contain Hundreds of grams of marijuana, the packaged was addressed to an 18 years old who was arrested and (apparently) admitted of receiving at least 10 other packages of various drugs. The suspect claimed that he learned how to purchase drugs using the Dark Net Markets by browsing the internet and reading about the subject.

The 18 years old Ashdod resident was arrested this week by the Yama”r (Israeli Central Police Unit) of the Lakish District, under the suspicion of importing various drugs that were purchased using the Dark Net and Bitcoin and selling them at his high school.  The investigation started after customs inspectors noticed a suspicious packaged and proceeded to open it. The package was addressed to the teenager, who was later arrested. According to the police – they found out during his interrogation that he recently received 13 other packages containing various drugs including hundreds of grams of weed & Hashish,  large amount of “synthetic blotters” and other “synthetic drugs”.

The police investigators said that the suspect learned the process of importing drugs from the dark net by reading sites on the internet explaining how to do so, and purchased them on the “underground darknet network” – an encrypted network masking the users real IP address. According to police officials “The users on this network are anonymous and the darknet is very hard to monitor, hence being widely used for illegal activity”.

According to the police suspicion, the teenager sold the drugs at his high school, local neighborhood and to dozens of his friends, most of them are minors.

Some of his friends admitted of purchasing the drugs from him. During his interrogation he claimed that he purchased the drugs for his personal use and to make “easy money” by selling them to his friends and at raves. An indictment will be filed against him tomorrow to the criminal court in Ashdod.

Igal Klimian, the head of the Lakish Yamar unit added: “We are being exposed to a disturbing phenomenon of purchasing drugs over the internet that is being conducted like a real underworld. Importing drugs and distributing them among minors, high school students is severe and dangerous. The southern district police will continue to enforce the drugs laws utilizing large variety of means against users, dealers importers and distributors.”

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  1. Do they say anywhere which markets he was buying from?

  2. Hey deep– could you send me the info about busts etc. in Israel too please???
    (can you access my email via this form, or do I need to pass it to you some other way?)

  3. Why did he admit about the others? If they have proof they were drugs then they dont need him to admit. If they don’t have proof why give it to them?

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