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Outlaw Market: Down, Possibly Compromised By Competitors

The admins of Outlaw market have taken the site down due to some security concerns related to possible attack being launched on the market. The admin claims that those who might be responsible for the attack are 2 former admins, as they posted on the forums (http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion/index.php/topic,320.0.html):

Hello to all customers.

We shut outlaw down completely cause of attack from hackers.
There is no doubt that these hackers are the 2 old admins “pennywise/loki” if you remember them.
We also did a post in the past about their new market and that they are not connected to us (http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion/index.php/topic,296.msg787.html#new):

“”Two admins of OUTLAW made their own market: area51.

That is no problem, we love competitors to show that we are better, but the founders of area51 where admins and wrote as OUTLAW admis to vendors on OUTLAW telling them about the “new market” and gave the impression, area51 had the same high quality and security measurements like OUTLAW.

In case that you deal on area51, please be aware that we do not take any responsibility for that market and regard it, just like the other tens of markets, as our competitor. Do not expect OUTLAW features to be implemented on other markets!

This post is posted under the scam-alert toptic because the admins missused their admin-position to draw vendors to their own market.
Admins who miss-use their admins rights and can’t handle their permission are not welcome at outlaw. Scamming admins, buyers and vendors are also not welcome!“”

That outlaw is down is the result of greed and hate in combination with demands that the outlaw-core-team can and will never satisfy.

We have to wait until all core admins are back/online. Unfortunately they have some personal problems at this time.
I cannot say if BTC are stolen or not. Outlaw was and is an honest marketplace. The marketplace was created with love and we did a big effort to satisfy every customer with our features, good support and honest vendors. Also our customers are very honest and we are proud to have such a  small but good community.

We have a big trump-card but I don’t want to speak about this now. That’s the reason I believe in a comeback.

All we can do is to wait, until the situation becomes clear.
In my opinion we will get things running until Monday. The new outlaw-version was tested successfully and I think we will come up with the new one.

We are in charge of our market and we take the full responsibility for things that happened and will happen.
We wont put up prices or fee’s because the core-team work not for the money but for the idea and dream of a clean, honest, scam-free, multicultural marketplace with love where humans are free and not patronized by law or state authority.

Because of the named reasons and good support of some vendors who share the same idea we wish that outlaw will rise up like a phoenix out from the ashes.

Try to give us your good karma and a good vibe, we need this in times like these.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Love – Outlaw


This site does not use online wallets so if money is lost it will be the escrow funds.  Hopefully the market will be back online with no losses.  This is just another chapter in the known competition between markets DDosing and attacking each other that we have seen before quite a few times now, like with Tormarket & Silk Road and Agora, For quite a few times now, among some others.

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  1. It’s up again! A lot of new features

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