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Another Marketplace Doxxed: “HansaMarket”

Well, it was quiet couple of weeks, there was a new market who popped up about a week ago called HansaMarket,

It appears that the security they had was not very good to say the least so, once again one of the security guys was able to find the real ip of the market and post in on irc2p, later to be posted again on reddit, with these details (Thread here:

<Architect> > http://hansann7wim5ier2.onion/
<Architect> >
<Architect> wow
<Architect> fucking retards
<six> Title: Login | Hansa (at hansann7wim5ier2.onion)
<six> Title: Login | Hansa (at
<Architect> also:
<six> Title: Transactions Relayed By - (at
<Architect> every transfer since the beginning of the site

Try to access the market using this ip address with your normal chrome browser and behold, the so familiar bitwasp login page:


Just in case you are not yet shocked enough, you can register, login and browse the site in complete clearnet browsing: