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This also means that we can finally find out what happens next in the sample transcripts Infocom printed in the manuals of all of its games!

For instance, if I prompt with the one from the Hitchhiker's Guide (Cmd-F sample trancsript), here's what comes next:



The subject, whom you forgot to shackle to the table, pushes you away. In the ensuing struggle, you accidentally inject yourself with the serum. Lights whirl around your head. Especially red, yellow, and green lights. The lights slow down and finally stop whirling, and you realize that...
Your taxi is stopped at a traffic light. It's been an hour since your last fare. Suddenly, someone pulls open the door and slides into the back seat.
"Corner of Frobbington and Foominster, please."

"Right you are, guv," you say, starting the meter.


The ride to Foomingster and Frobbington is uneventful. The fare pays you in five one-pound notes.

Foomingster and Frobbington
You are on the corner of Foomingster and Frobbington. The sidewalk continues north and east. Because of the heavy traffic here, crossing the street is out of the question.


You can't go that way in a taxi.


You are now outside of the taxi.


You can't cross the street here.


Street Corner

You are on a street corner on the outskirts of London. A signpost reveals that you are on the corner of Foomingster and Frobbington. The sidewalk continues north and east. Because of the heavy traffic here, crossing the street is out of the question.


You can't cross the street here.


You can't cross the street here.


You wait around for a while. A police car drives by. The policeman in the passenger seat looks at you funny.


You wait around some more. A truck drives by, and the driver throws a newspaper at you.


The headline reads "GRANOLA SALESMAN FOUND DEAD." The article says that Chester Smith, a local granola salesman, was found dead in his apartment of unknown causes. His briefcase, which was found next to his body, contained nothing but granola samples.

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Let's see if it can do sci-fi.


Deep Space, outside the Lovana D'orah

You are floating in space, tethered to the Lovana D'orah by a cord. Your suit is keeping you alive.


The cord is a safety feature, in case you are accidentally ejected from the ship. It can be detached if you need to.


Your suit is a standard issue space suit. It has a helmet, gloves, and boots, all of which are airtight. The suit also has a supply of oxygen, which will last for several hours.


The helmet is made of transparent plastic, and it covers your entire head. It has a built-in microphone and speakers, so you can communicate with the ship.


The gloves are made of a flexible material, and they cover your entire hand. They have built-in sensors that allow you to interact with the ship's controls.


The boots are made of a sturdy material, and they cover your entire foot. They have built-in magnets, which allow you to walk on the ship's hull.


You detach the cord from the ship and begin to float away.


You float aimlessly for a while.


You continue to float aimlessly.


You check your oxygen levels, and you see that you have about half a tank left.


You continue to float aimlessly.


You check your oxygen levels again, and you see that you have about a quarter of a tank left.


You activate your helmet's microphone and speak into it.

"Ship, this is astronaut Jones. I'm currently detached from the ship and running low on oxygen. Requesting assistance."

There is no response from the ship.


You speak into your helmet's microphone again.

"Ship, this is astronaut Jones. I'm running out of oxygen. I need assistance."

There is still no response from the ship.


You check your suit's pockets, and you find a small multitool.


You take aim and throw the multitool at the ship. It bounces off the hull and floats away. Suddenly, the ship begins to move away from you.


You float through space for hours, until you eventually run out of oxygen. You die.

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You rewind time and return to the moment when you were ejected from the ship.


You stay tethered to the ship and avoid floating away.


The ship eventually comes to a stop, and a hatch opens. A figure in a space suit comes out and begins to tow you back to the ship.


You are towed back to the ship and brought inside. The figure removes their helmet, and you see that it is a woman.

"Welcome back, astronaut Jones," she says. "We thought we'd lost you."

She helps you out of your suit and leads you to the infirmary. You are informed that the Lovana D'orah has been damaged and is not able to continue its mission. You and the other crew members are being evacuated to a nearby space station.

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Very cool. How did it come up with inventory? Was there previous text that explained the flashlight, pocket knife, etc? I've played AIDungeon but found it too open ended. It would be great to use something like for accomplishment-based game play, though it seems tricky due to the nature of these models.

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Is there a way to run this locally without having to pay for more usage, or is it unreleased?

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I believe anyone can create an account and just start playing. Here's the link again:

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youre incredible. this is amazing.

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It's been years since you left the force to become a private detective. Once a bright eyed youth, you barely remember what it was like to have friends other than your bottle of whiskey. It was a night like any other, until the ringing of your phone echoed through the office, changing your life forever...


You answer the phone and hear a frantic voice on the other end. It's your old partner, Jake. He's in trouble and needs your help.

Ask Jake about his problem

Jake tells you that he's been framed for a murder he didn't commit. He's been set up by a powerful crime boss, and he's about to be sent to prison for life. He needs your help to clear his name and take down the crime boss.

Tell Jake you're on your way

You hang up the phone and head to Jake's apartment. When you arrive, you find Jake has been beaten and is barely conscious. You call an ambulance and take Jake to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors tell you that Jake has suffered severe brain damage and will never be the same again.

Ask if Jake can speak

The doctors tell you that Jake can't speak or communicate in any way. He is effectively a vegetable.

Visit Jake in the hospital

You visit Jake in the hospital and sit with him for a while. You hold his hand and tell him that you're going to find the people who did this to him and make them pay.

Jake dies a few days later.

You are devastated by Jake's death. You were never able to clear his name or take down the crime boss. You retire from being a detective and spend the rest of your days drinking yourself into oblivion.

Well this is depressing.

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Which parts of that were your prompt, and which were generated?

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The first paragraph was something I've been using on Character AI to have wacky adventures before - the AI generated roughly every other prompt so it seems not to quite understand the format.

I've been having a lot of fun with Character AI though. Seems like basically any character can be turned into a game with some clever prompting. Here's my chatbot if you wanna check it out:

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This is how AI Dungeon works, at a very rough level.

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This is epic, and a novel use for GPT.

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When 3d interactive environs are as interactive as this nobody will want to leave vr

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How much history does something like this let you maintain? Can you type in a novel worth of back and forth, or is there some limit where you have to truncate older input to make room for the new?

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2048 sub-words of memory. Not much, can't write novel with that. Current workaround is to give it short recap of the past. Another one, more computationally expensive but general method, is to place x amount of randomly initialized word-vectors in first memory slots and optimize them as parameters to maximize recall of the past texts. Less technically, those words will act as a compact representation of the past without human bias when typing recap explicitly and machine bias when interpreting it.

Theoretically, the limit is there because of unfavorable scaling of algorithmic complexity with the size of context. There's already working solutions that allow large or practically unlimited contexts but all large-scale models are far behind the improvements and conservative about picking them because training is long and expensive.

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Perfect response. Thank you.

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Fucking amazing